1976 Born in Ibaraki Prefecture

1997 Sep   Studies under Shozo SHIMAMOTO

1998 May “String-telephone” performance with 1000 persons at Kobe’s Harbour Circus Space Theater
      10000 floating-cup performance in the Finland’s sea
   Sep   Invited to the PAPER ART exhibition, Hamburg(Germany)

1999 Jun   Personal exhibition in Helsinki (Finland)
    Jul   Performance in Germany with other 200 artists
    Sep  Invited to the Avant-garde Fashion Congress in Georgia  Cup-Man performance with 18 top models
       Invited to a performance in Paris organized by the English BBC

2000 Jan   Every Monday (for half a year) writes an assay in the newspaper Osaka Shinbun
    Jun Invited to the Biennale of Yugoslavia 2000
    Jul    Exposition at Art Now organized by the Modern Art Museum of Hyogo Prefecture
   Aug    Cup-Man Marriage Performance in Kobe’s International Hall.
        Appears on FOCUS
        Begins Loco’s string-telephone Corner at Sakura FM
   Nov    Invited to the 60-year Itami municipal commemoration event,
        crane-performance in collaboration with Shimamoto 
        Realization of the biggest painting in the world discharging Loco`s “rockets”
   Dec    Installation in 17 shops in Koshienguchi (greengrocer, dentist, hardware shop...) and, for the first time,
        even in a taxi. Loco creates the first moving museum! She founds a new concept of art

2001 Jan    Interviewed in the January number of Art Note (Bijutsu techo),
        which is the most famous Japanese art magazine
   Apr     Special guest at NHK BS2 television
   Aug    First prize at Imadate Modern Art Paper Exhibition
   Nov    Realization of a painting at the London Japanese Year Exhibition using LOCO CUPs. Cup-Man performance
   Dec    Cup Man Exhibition at Hokkaido Modern Art Museum

2002 Mar   Exhibition at the Voice Festival in Osaka
   Apr    Exhibition and installation of string-telephone at the Voice Festival in Tokyo
       Appears at Japanorama, the English program (BBC) that presents the features of Japan
       Reported in the April number of Art Note
   Jun   Invited to Takeshi Kitano’s program. Cup-man marriage performance with Takeshi Kitano 
      Cup Man performance on Kyoto Station’s huge escalator
      Cup Man exhibition, workshop and opening performance at Gunma Prefecture Modern Art Museum (Japan)

2003 Apr   Cup Man Promotion Video『LOCO white』(Director Daisuke MIKI)
   Jun   Invited to Venice Biennale 2003
   Aug   Invited to the NHK live program “Kansai Genki Sengen"
      Speaker at the symposium “Contemporary Art is so funny" (Takarazuka University)
      70 Cup Men performance at Himeji Castle
   Oct  "Shozo Shimamoto X LOCO" exhibition at Maison d`art Gallery (Osaka)
      Exposition at Kyoto Biennale
   Dec  Joins Proxima, the group founded by Guglielmo Di Mauro

2004 Apr  Loco`s first assay "LOCOMOTION-the things that only you can do"is published by Seishinsha
     "Cup-Man gondola-marriage performance" in Venice Ca' Pesaro International Gallery

2005 Jan  String-telephone installation and Human-sized string-telephone performance at the
      Workshop Collection 2005 organized by the Japanese Future Museum of Tokyo
   Feb  Lecture at Kyoto Sagabi University
   Mar  Workshop at Nishijin School “Children and Artists together”, Kyoto
      Workshop in Fukusaki, Hyogo Prefecture
   Aug  Invited to EXPO 2005 AICHI JAPAN

2006 Mar  Invited by the Japanese Government to show her activity at the Kandosuru Keizaikan inside the Tokyo Tower
      Invited by the Japanese Government to do a string-phone workshop in Sendai
   May  Cup Man performance at Fondazione Morra, Naples
   Jun   Workshop at Awaji Art Festival, Awaji Island
   Dec   Solo exhibition at Spazio Arte dei Mori Gallery, Venice


2007 ~Feb  Solo exhibition at Spazio Arte dei Mori Gallery, Venice

   Mar  Workshop at Gastenani by Tokyo Gas

   Jun  Invited to Venice Biennale 2007 Performative Paper Project

          Workshop in Keio University (Tokyo)

   Dec  Vento D'Oriente- Group Exhibition at Spazio Fisico Gallery, Modena, Italy


2008 Apr  LOCO's Cup Men are published on Towada Art Center's pamphlet

   May  Performance at Punta Campanella, Sorrento, Italy

           Vento D'Oriente- Group Exhibition at St. James Charterhouse, Capri, Italy

   Aug  Shows her works at Hotel des Pecheurs, Corsica, France


2009 Jun  Shows her works at Spazio Arte dei Mori Gallery during Venice Biennale

          Becomes mother of two boys


2010 Mar  Introduced on the website specialized for supporting women's enterprise


2012 Nov  Solo exhibition at Tachibana Gallery, Osaka


2013-14    Production of Rain Works


2015 May  Solo exhibition at Spazio Arte dei Mori during Venice Biennale


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LOCO has appeared at NHK about 10 times, more than 50 times at other television stations. She contributed more than 20 times to radio’s programs and has been reported in over 100 newspapers (not to say the 5 times she is cited on Art Note Bijutsu Techo). The number of lectures held is more than 10 and the number of events exceeds 100 by far.


LOCO's concept of art

I create my artworks using paper-cups. I like to make my works with many people, because, even if in any museum we are said not to touch, I think that art is close to man. If you touch the work, the whole body enjoys it. Recently, in Japan the differences in level in many towns are disappearing for permitting wheelchair users to access everywhere. This is called “Barrier Free”. What art needs now is this freedom.